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What is Speak-Out Memphis?

Young people in Memphis are not usually in positions of power so their voices are consistently diminished. The Youth Speak Out is an initiative designed to give young people in Memphis a voice in the ongoing conversations about the direction of the city’s future. Empowering youth voices means having a space where they can be honest about city-wide issues without fear of confrontation or invalidity. This is not always the case with local initiatives, especially city-ran youth programs, so it’s crucial to have a space with ongoing conversations that address young people’s concerns in Memphis. The Youth Speak Out will host an event where young people can conversate and have the necessary resources to drive change in Memphis. This will ensure that youth in Memphis are a part of the decision-making process affecting young people across our community.

Get to Know Us

Speak-Out Memphis is associated with Rhodes College student Alex Torres and activist organization Black Men Build. Alex is currently a first-generation college student at Rhodes College studying Health Equity and Africana Studies. He is passionate about social justice, intersectional activism, and being the voice for underrepresented youth in Memphis. Black Men Build represents a wide group of Black people from community organizers to creatives who have come together to grapple with issues that are challenging Black men.

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